Kamis, Januari 29, 2009

passwordOne of ways to monetize your blog is get paid to post. Get paid to post very useful for the advertiser and blogger, and both need each other. The advertiser get benefit from any posts made by bloggers, and blogger get payment from any posts that he made. Many benefits that can be obtained by advertiser and blogger. Advertiser will get link popularity and get a good position in the various search engines. While for the blogger, get paid to post is the best way at this time to monetize our blog. Payingpost.com is one of the connector between advertiser and blogger.

How to register? Just go to www.payingpost.com, you will see register button beside home menu. You can register as advertiser or blogger. If you are a blogger, you must register your blog first and then their team will be review your blog. After your blog approved you will see that a list of bloggers gets paid to post have received a payout from Payingpost. After the code was inserted at head tag from your blog, then you will have get 3 jobs daily. You can set your blog minimum price for one review. Besides their blog advertising, you can get more money from their affiliate program. Surely we must promote our link ID with installing banner to our blog or website.

With very easy of the website navigation for the user, and with an interesting layout, make you will easily wonted of their website. You can contact them if there is a problem, suggestions or criticism that you want to submit and you can also check their update news from payingpost blog.

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  1. Info menarik,.. bisa dicoba nih kalo udah punya blog PR tinggi,.. :)

  2. does it worth the effort, how much money they pay

  3. @ work from home business:
    usually they can pay for a review about $5-20 for this blog. If your blog have a high ranking surely you will get more from that..