Jumat, Januari 16, 2009

The success is in the works is a dream for each persons, but the dream is not easy to obtain, if not provided with the skills and experience of both. Many things that must be learned to achieve success in work, one of the most prominent is the science Entrepreneurship. After browsing to looking for some information about the right places where we can learn young entrepreneurship, I found a website that looks more qualified and have the credibility namely Kauffman Fundation which is located in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

Kauffman Foundation is a place to become a young entrepreneur like me and you that will be built to become an entrepreneur with their youth education programs. Kauffman Foundation is founded by the largest entrepreneur Ewing Marion Kauffman. Do you know who Ewing Marion Kauffman? He is the founder of Marion Laboratories Inc. company., A giant global company engaged in health care, with nearly $ 1 billion in sales and employing 3,400 associates.

With their youth education programs, we will get achievement in math, engineering, technology and science (Mets), Introducing to Entrepreneurship, and Exploring the future of learning. This is the right place for us to hold good paying jobs, raise our families, and become a Productive citizens. If you want to visit their official website, go to www.kauffman.org and there you will directly get the things what you need to prepared to become a successful entrepreneur.

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  1. "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."

    John Quincy Adams