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Lampung is a province of Indonesia. It is located on the southern tip of the island of Sumatra and borders the provinces of Bengkulu and South Sumatra. Lampung is the original home of the Lampung people, who speak a distinct language from other people in Sumatra and have their own alphabet. Its capital is Bandar Lampung.

The province had a population of 7,596,115 at the 2010 census. Three quarters of the current population of Lampung is descended from migrants from Java, Madura, and Bali. These migrants came on their initiative, in search of more land than was available on the more densely populated islands, and as part of the national government's transmigration program, for which Lampung was one of the earliest and most significant transmigration destinations.

A 270 kilometer long rail track is planned from Tanjung Enim to Lampung. This rail track would be used for coal transportation to boost coal exports. A website that provides information of Mitsubishi vehicles in Lampung, is mitsubishilampung.com with the title of the website "Dealer Mitsubishi Lampung", which are useful to those who want to buy a Mitsubishi car in Lampung.

Lampung Province is subdivided into twelve regencies (kabupaten) and two autonomous cities (kota), listed below with their areas and their populations at the 2010 Census and at the most recent (January 2014) estimates. A thirteenth regency - West Pesisir Regency - was formed on 25 October 2012 from part of West Lampung Regency, but no separate statistics are yet available.

Write by: Miguel Alejandro, from: Mitsubishi Lampung

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