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Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychological treatment also called psychotherapy for those people who suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, social anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. It can also be effective for those people who face day to day challenges and find it hard to cope with them. It can also help people having unstable relationships. It is a very effective tool to help people with depression problems and other challenges faced in life.

There are certified experts who are highly skillful to provide counseling services to those people who are vulnerable and do not know how to cope with certain life situations. Cognitive behavioral therapy can really help a person with mental illness to lead a normal happy life. In this article we will discuss the effectiveness of CBT, how it works and how it helps people with depression cope better with life challenges and lead a normal happy life. Please continue reading to find out more information.

How CBT Works?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a method through which constant negative thoughts that leads to low mood and irritability are changed into more positive ones in order to avoid hurtful or feelings of guilt and self pity. People with mental illnesses tend to think in a very negative way. They perceive others as their worse enemies. They always think negatively and respond to different situations in a negative way which leads them to feeling bad and helpless. For instance one of the most common thinking patterns of a mentally ill person is that whenever he goes out for anything he thinks that others are watching and judging him. They think that the person with mental illness is not good or try to belittle him without even knowing him. Such thoughts result in low mood and hurtful feelings.

With CBT people with mental illnesses learn to analyze those negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones in order to avert low mood and hurtful feelings. With CBT people also become aware of their negative thinking cycle and how it affects their overall mood leading to guilt and shameful feelings. People learnt to analyze their thoughts and change them with more positive ones. For instance, in the above example a person thinks that he is being judged by others and they think low of him. A person can replace this thought with a more positive one such as others do not know him as a person so how they can think low or bad of him. (Samantha Williams)
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