Rabu, Maret 11, 2009

facebook tosIf you ever found out the hardship of learning on the classroom, or when you felt that your teacher method of teach is so hard to follow. There’s always be friends who can help right? But, the matter is sometimes we could not find the right person to share. We need to build a bigger connection, a greater resource, and I suggest you to do it with Course Hero way, where students learn from other students.

It’s the largest open social learning network of college students with millions of course documents and materials. One of example is the Lehigh University ACCT 108; it is Professor Simmons solution document chapter one on the spring 2007 for Lehigh University and an Accounting Lecture Note.

With the concept of “built by students to help students”, Course Hero is a support program for Open Educational Resources movement (OER) that provides a through out materials from other user and help you to create an online study group of students, self-learner, or even a teachers (educators).

This site commitment is to provide a great immediate access to an extra growing materials study and an unparallel academic networking; such as students, professors and many more of other key partner. Course hero could give you a leverage accessing over 200,000 textbook solutions, and meet over 300,000 fellows’ students.

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  1. Hi great posting, I will be waiting for your next post

  2. Hi great posting, I will be waiting for your next post

  3. Great article! a site built by students to help students, what a great concept. A perfect resource to help students achieve higher grades and maximize their studying time.